20th October 2017

Patterson Building Group hosted an Estimators  walk-through at the soon-to-be completed Eastgardens Library project. 

Patterson Building Group believes that knowledge is power, so we endeavour to keep every one of our divisions up to date and educated about every facet of the industry they work in. One of the ways we do this, is by hosting site walk throughs for our staff.

The most recent walk through was hosted for our estimating department at the soon-to-be completed Eastgardens Library project. The purpose of the walk through was simple – by seeing a current project under construction, our estimators can then anticipate the unique needs of any project whilst visualising and experiencing the operation of a live site.

This hands on experience allows our estimators to factor in any additional requirements into their equations and then proactively apply knowledge into their pricing strategies. This gives them the ability to anticipate and facilitate any additional requirements a project may have, allowing them to save the client the maximum amount of money and time, whilst producing projects that exceed expectation.

By Radha Sternbeck

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